About Us

About Us

VoiceProfit already becoming the fastest growing crypto currency trading company.

Digital currencies have transformed our financial system, the most successful cryptocurrency so far (Bitcoin) hit a historic high at $5013 on September 2, 2017. Due to this value which is 3.5x the value of gold we believe the investors deserve an established, trusted, and accountable partner that can help them navigate the profitable landscape of both the bitcoin and all alternative cryptocurrencies.

We ensure that all information is provided to assist investors with making the right choices and selection before entering a mining contract.


Voiceprofit bitcoin is a trusted cryptocurrency investment company built from the ground up to address the the genuine need of the cryptocurrency in the global market.

Our services are offered internationally as we have large investor subscriptions from all parts of the world who want to earn in cryptocurrency.

As of 2015, our monthly volume flow was approximately 6.3 million USD (notional), for a collective AUM (Assets Under Management) of slightly under USD 5m. These amounts are ever-growing. As early as 2014, the founders of Voice Profit Bitcoin started promoting invention and innovation.

Profit were operating under their own individual operations, including a variety of private funds.

In 2015 the infrastructure already in place was finally offered to retail market investors under the name Voice Profit. The entire institutional platform, liquidity, and clearance engine was leveraged on to provide for retail market flow.

Our Team

VoiceProfit already becoming the fastest growing crypto currency trading company.

Our management team is made up of competent and experienced traders with over five years of experience on average in trading E-Currencies and has demonstrated exceptional eyes for market movement having proper pre-determination for future markets. The other indiviuals who make up our best selection team,picked from the finest business and trading institutions, mixed with a lot of astute, informed and very friendly financial personnels. The entire system is designed from the ground up to cater to the client needs thereby helping investor to achieve their goals in money time.

Chief Executive Officer(CFA):

Ataroth Addar

Chief Operating Officer:

Nikodemos Pipes

Marketing Manager:

Ketti Ebersold